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Temara Decor  198mm x 198mm x 6.4mm


This design reproduces a formalised floral motif designed by Owen Jones in the mid-19th century. Jones particularly admired Greek, Egyptian and Islamic motifs and adapted them to his own architectural schemes. This Temara tile is printed on to a 20x20cm white base tile and has a top layer of melted glass that follows the pattern of the tile.

Temara Decor 198mm x 198mm x 6.4mm

  • USE Wall
    COLOUR Multi
    ROOM Bathroom, Kitchen
    TYPE Tile
    SHAPE Square
    MATERIAL Ceramic
    FINISH Gloss
    STYLE Flat, Patterned
    PLACEMENT Internal
    WIDTH 198mm
    HEIGHT 198mm
    DEPTH 6.4mm
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