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Colour: White

Material: Porcelain

Finish: Matt

Size (cm): (5.1 cm x 5.9cm) 32cm x 28cm

Thickness (mm): 4mm

Suitability: Wall & Floor

N° of Sheets To Cover A Square Metre (m2): 11.90 Sheets

Hexagon Matt White (5.1 cm x 5.9cm) 32cm x 28cm Mosaic Tile

  • White tiles provide a versatile, practical and stylish base layer for interiors throughout the home, but if you want to take white tiles up a notch, our matt white hexagon tile mosaics could be just the ticket. 

    Endless styling options

    Featuring a tessellating pattern that mimics the look of natural honeycomb, you can use white hexagon mosaic tiles to design striking features on walls and floors. 

    From eye-catching kitchen splashbacks to striking walk-in showers, white hexagon tiles offer endless styling possibilities. 

    For one, their geometric shapes create attention-grabbing interiors wherever you choose to lay them. This could be as a standout feature wall or a zoning tool in open plan living areas. 

    Secondly, white goes with almost any other colour, giving you options galore to pair your pretty honeycomb tiles with other shades. 

    Create a chic and sophisticated kitchen design with white hexagon tiles on your splashback set against navy or dark green cabinets. Or add a little funk to a classic bathroom design, using white hexagon tile mosaics on the floor against some retro metro wall tiles in black. 

    But that’s not all…

    Practical plus points

    Made from exceptionally hard porcelain, these white hexagon tile mosaics boast a number or practical plus points too, including:       

    • Durability: don’t let their dainty design fool you - these porcelain tiles have been fired at extreme temperatures and pressures to deliver a dense, robust material that will withstand use in busy areas of the home, including scratches and stains
    • Water resistance: if you want extra peace of mind for bathrooms, wetrooms or other areas exposed to water, porcelain tiles are the way to go, offering outstanding water resistance
    • Matt finish: with a glazed, matt finish, these tiles provide a soft, textured look for floors and walls that is perfect for concealing everyday smears, marks and splashes. On floors, this finish can also provide added grip underfoot, perfect for wet areas like bathrooms and hallways
    • Minimal upkeep: all the above makes these tiles incredibly low maintenance, requiring nothing more than a standard mop or wipe down with warm soapy water to restore them to their former glory

    You’ll find these white hexagon tiles supplied on 32cm x 28cm mesh-backed sheets with the individual hexagons measuring 5.1cm x 5.9cm. This makes them easy to lay and cut to size, even in small areas.

    To give your home an evergreen interior style, bag yourself some of these beautiful white hexagon tile mosaic sheets now

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